‘The Journey: Exploring the Nature of Mending’ is a new contemporary craft project that explores layers of meaning, cultural and emotional, that are evoked by mending, repair and re-use. The core of the project is commissioning new work from five contemporary makers who are highlighting, celebrating and interpreting the mending to be found in museum collections. This work will be exhibited at Walford Mill Crafts, Wimborne, Dorset, from September 14th – October 27th.

The project has been initiated by textile artist Jacy Wall, in partnership with Walford Mill Crafts, and The Priest’s House Museum in Wimborne, Dorset. It is supported by Arts Council England and Dorset County Council.

Whilst working through contemporary craft and museum collections, the long term ambition of the project is to contribute to a growing critical debate around the subject of mending, (which of course includes issues of sustainability) and to network through this website with other projects and initiatives nationally and internationally that are working with this subject.

The five contemporary artist/makers who have pages on this site have been commissioned to make new work about mending, coming at the subject in whatever way they choose. They have also been asked to link with or make reference to a museum collection in some way, thereby linking their new work with the activity of mending that has been part of life since pre-history.

Priest’s House Museum Residency
One of the five commissioned artists, Jenni Dutton, will be working in depth with the Priest’s House Museum in Wimborne. She is using their collection as a starting point for her commission, which will remain at the Museum, initiating a new collection there of contemporary craft. She will also, in 2013, be running a series of community workshops, and curating her own display of objects for the Museum.

We are developing a project with two Wimborne schools around issues of new technology, built- in obsolescence, and re-cycling. This will take place in 2013

The culmination of the project will be an exhibition of the commissioned work at Walford Mill Crafts in September 2013. We aim also to reflect the activity of this website and blog within the exhibition. We hope subsequently to tour the work, and for the online dialogue to continue for as long as it has momentum.

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The Curators

Jacy Wall is a well established contemporary craft artist, working primarily in woven
tapestry. She has been working with the theme of mending for some years, and
initiated ‘The Journey’ project as an exciting and challenging way of exploring the subject
of mending more deeply, and involving other artist/makers in doing so. She will be taking
on one of the five commissions and well as being co-curator.

Walford Mill Crafts has been awarded National Portfolio Funding status by the Arts
Council of England. In 2011 it celebrated its 25th Anniversary, having achieved national
recognition for its work. They are co-curating the project with Jacy, and hosting the final exhibition. They will also be looking to tour the exhibition after October 2013.