The joys and sorrows of Mending are now Revealed at the Allsop Gallery, Bridport Arts Centre, Dorset. Running until April 16th, the show presents a great cast of artists, some very well known. (Check the links page for individual artist websites). Details and more images on 2016 Exhibition page.

In Paul's studio; Louise Baker book; Jacy's studio
In Paul’s studio; Louise Baker book; Jacy’s studio

Sculptor Simon Hitchens, known mostly for his strong, simple abstract public art works in stone and metal,  shows a new installation of small resin cast pieces;

Simon Hitchens; Flesh of the World
Simon Hitchens; Flesh of the World

Paul Scott, well known for his extraordinary interventions in transfer printed ceramics shows some of his beautiful stapled and kinsugi collaged plates; Jenni Dutton, known nationally for her unique ‘Dementia Darnings’, is using a range of media, including found dolls and mirrors creating another powerful narrative about fragmentation and contemplation. Guy Martin, best known as an innovative furniture maker, returned a few years ago to his first love, sculpture; his very personal vision about transition and change is expressed through his matchless skills working with wood and metal. Artist Louise Baker shows many of her handmade books about mending almost anything; trees, fabric, fences (actual and metaphorical), along with a collection of her exuberant and unexpected found object jewellery.

Louise Baker brooch; Jacy Wall tapestry; Jenni Dutton Dolls & Mirrors
Louise Baker brooch; Jacy Wall tapestry; Jenni Dutton Dolls & Mirrors

Jacy Wall, tapestry weaver and printmaker, brings together for the first time a collection of her tapestries that have been made, unmade, re-made, patched and darned together. Lisa Earley brings different skills again to the show, with her complex printing on paper and fabric, telling poignant historical stories of loss from the Kinder Transport of the 1930s. The final artist to complete the show is London based maker Bridget Harvey, whose witty and thoughtful pieces take everyday objects mended and adapted in every way possible, from the clumsy to the elegant. Bridget is currently completing a PhD in Mending funded by the Arts and Humanities Council, and she will be leading an Artist’s talk and discussion at Bridport Arts Centre on Saturday March 12th at 2pm.
Mending Revealed, Bridport Arts Centre, Bridport, Dorset. March 5th – April 16th 2016
Tuesdays – Saturdays 10am – 4pm

More images on 2016 exhibition page

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