Keeping Lily in Action

Reading the story of precious dolls being mended to keep them ’alive’ for their owners reminded me of the relationship I have with ’Lily’. She is a small soft toy who became an early favourite with my granddaughter Meg and is still an essential companion. Meg lives in Perth, Australia so it has become my task, on arriving for a visit to check on Lily’s welfare. Now that Lily is 10 yrs old she has become very frail, mending has to be done very carefully, using old compatible, materials wherever possible. Over the years I have replaced her head covering, her feet and hands, her yellow body, blue leggings and most recently (with great trepidation) gave her a face lift using an old cotton handkerchief. Of course this meant recreating her eyes and mouth – only a few stitches but a great challenge! When visiting in May I had to give her new wings, the others were threadbare – but I was not allowed to remove the old ones, quite right as this is a reminder of how she was originally. Every repair is discussed at length with Meg first and can only go ahead with her permission. It has been fun for me to feel involved (particularly as we live so far apart – I  live in Somerset) with such an important toy and to have been able to extend her working life a little !!

lily-before-surgery lily-new-wings-face